Jump on board jet ski insurance

Feel the ease with which your jet ski manoeuvres through the water. Protecting your thrilling ride can be just as easy. The right insurance protects you, your jet ski and your financial position without a ripple. And you needn’t even take time off the water to clinch optimum cover for your lifestyle and budget. Experienced brokers like Natloans do all the legwork for you and they do it fast. So you can hit the water with absolute peace of mind that all you hold dear is protected.

Insurance safeguards your jet ski and liability

Hands down – nothing beats hitting the water on your heart pounding jet ski. Thrills abound with the sheer speed, agility and downright fun of slicing through the water. No wonder jet skis are fast becoming a highly popular leisure ‘essential’. But there is a serious side to jet skiing. Your personal liability as a jet ski owner. Plus the risks that come hand in glove with this pulse racing pastime.

A mere look around next time you’re out on the water is all it will take. Notice swimmers, boaters and other jet ski enthusiasts. All of whom share your water space. Should your jet ski cause damage to or be damaged by these other water users? Well you wear costly liability. And it is not just on the water that the unexpected can happen. Imagine if your jet ski fell prey to vandalism, theft or even fire. Your out of pocket expenses could be enormous. Without insurance cover you could be left drowning in sorrow and a suddenly dismal financial situation. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of insurance options that cover you and your jet ski against all contingencies. Like:

  • Comprehensive jet ski insurance : end to end cover against loss, damage or accidental damage to someone else’s property caused by your jet ski
  • Third party insurance : protect yourself against compensation demands should your jet ski accidentally cause damage to someone else’s property
  • Shortfall or ‘gap’ insurance : have your cover bridge any financial gap between your outstanding jet ski finance and your insurance payout should your ride be written off
  • Loan protection insurance : rest easy about changes in your health, employment status or in the event of your passing. This cover will help meet your jet ski loan repayments
  • Cash benefit insurance: what if your jet ski is written off and the subsequent insurance payout falls short of replacing it? This policy has you covered
  • Extended warranty insurance: your repair bills are covered should any insured part of your jet ski experience unforeseen mechanical breakdown

Speak to jet ski insurance experts

Jet ski cover is a niche part of the insurance market. Finding the right protection for your individual needs is vital. Your fastest route to optimum jet ski insurance is to engage specialists brokers like Natloans. With vast networks of leading Australian marine insurers coupled with absolute professional independence. Personally tailored jet ski insurance is a cinch.

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