Bring a customised boat or marine loan on deck

Boats are close to Australians’ hearts. Whether for business, leisure or sheer entertainment, boats offer incredible lifestyle benefits. This isn’t news to most ocean lovers. What may be news though, is that you can become a marine  owner with little or no upfront cash outlay. All you need is the right boat or marine loan on deck.


Propel yourself into boat ownership with a handpicked loan

Maybe you are your debut as a boat owner. Or perhaps you are ready to upgrade your existing craft. Either way, purchasing a new or used boat requires well-ordered finances. Fortunately, there is a wealth of boat loan options available so you can be confident in finding one to match your needs. Jet ski, cruiser, trailer or other vessel. Whichever boat you covet, you can secure it the smart way. With:


  • Loan terms up to five years to fit your budget, goals and lifestyle
  • Some of Australia’s best boat loan interest rates from 6.99%
  • Fixed rates and repayments to avoid unexpected costs
  • Zero penalties on additional repayments
  • Full purchasing freedom to buy your boat via dealer, auction or private seller
  • Loans for new or used boats

You can even choose to further reduce your monthly boat loan repayments by opting for inclusion of a balloon or residual payment.

Natloans gets on board your boat loan search

When you own a boat you will always have an keen crowd eager to climb on board with you. But award winning finance brokers Natloans get on board before your boat purchase. We help you enjoy an express journey to a fully customised boat loan sporting optimum flexibility and cost-efficiency. While the raft of boat loan options can be advantageous when it comes to choice, this can also be overwhelming. Unless you know the boat loan market inside out, it is hard to select the ideal finance for your ambitions. Here is where Natloans comes in with vast networks of quality Australian marine lenders. Coupled with complete professional independence so their brokers work on your behalf without being constrained by network affiliations. This experienced team of brokers gets you sailing swiftly with expert boat loan advice and sourcing. Speak to them today.

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