Boat finance tips

Boat finance tips

The are a number of considerations that you need to make when purchasing a boat. The key is to make sure yo have done you homework before you purchase your dream boat. Then you can purchase your boat with confidence that you know exactly what you are buying. Below are some boat finance tips.

Get your boat finance first

The first of our boat finance tips; is to make sure that you have been approved for finance first before approaching boat dealerships or contacting private sales.

By getting your ” title=”Boat Finance”>boat finance first then you can shopping with cash-in-your-hand. This means that when you are negotiating the price of the boat and offer a cash price right there and then! Complete a quick boat finance quote online.

This way you can be reassured of how much you finance and what your budget is.

Choosing a boat

Firstly you need to be clear on what you will use the boat for.

  • Is it going to be a fishing boat?
  • Will you be towering water skiers?
  • Will it be used for family boating outings?

Used or new Boat sales

A vast majority of boats that are sold are pre-owned and there is a very extensive used boat market. You firstly need to do your research and become acquainted with:

  • Boat manufactures
  • The manufactures reputation and quality of workmanship
  • The length of time the manufacture has been in business
  • The manufactures market share

Why is this important when selecting a used boat?

If the manufacture has a proven track record then you will have peace of mind that the used boat you purchase will have less chance of faults.
the manufacture reputation will dictate the price and generally a renounce brand will attract a high price than a brand which has just entered the boat market.

Advantages of purchasing a new boat

You will generally receive a better interest rate if you purchase from a boat dealership and/or a new boat. Also the boat will come with a warranty which will cover any out of pocket maintenance costs.

Know the boat you are purchasing

Check the engine

Check the engine’s hour-meter. Most engine will need a service every 50 hours and an engine which as done 360 to 400 hours can be expected to require some form of repairs. Getting the boats engine checked is very easy and inexpensive. Just like getting a car’s engine check.

Test drive the boat

Test drive the boat. If you can take the boat our for a run. All boats will perform differently based on the haul, size of the boat and engine.

Overall boat check

You should take your time to comprehensive check the overall condition of the boat. check the upholstery, deck and haul.

Happy boat hunting. If you have any questions about finding a bout or about financing a boat contact one of our friendly staff on 1300 955 791.

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