Commercial boat Finance and Business Finance

Commercial boat finance

Commercial boat finance is for those who want to finance a boat for more that 50% business use.

Benefits of commercial boat finance

  • Anyone wishing to purchase goods, for mainly business purposes
  • Free up Cash-flow for business
  • Claim the GST
  • Claim depreciation
  • Claim the interest paid

Note: the benefits available are dependant on the commercial boat finance product you use.

Commercial boat finance products

There are a number of commercial boat finance loan products that are available to clients, including:

  • Hire Purchase
  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Lease

Commercial boat finance overview

A commercial boat finance loan is a contract between your business and a financier. The financial company with is the rightful owned of the marine goods until the final payment is made. At that time the goods will be transferred into your business’ name. In return, for you making regular payments basic on a payment plan specified in the loan contract you have full procession of the marine goods. There are optional features for commercial boat finance that include:

  • Making additional payments
  • Finishing your loan contract early
  • Having a balloon payment or residual

If you have any questions about boat finance contact one of our professionally trained loan writers on 1300 955 791 who would be happy to help you select the best loan product for your business.

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